Everything Wrong With The Simpsons Movie In 15 Minutes Or Less


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    The Simpsons Movie was long overdue when it came out, but generally delivered the laughs for most fans, and enough box office for Fox to eventually be sold to Disney. Oh, and it had sins, man. Lots of sins.
    Thursday: animated non-Disney sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?!
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    1. Jason Brown

      This is probably my favorite movie of all time.

    2. GathKingLeppbertI

      Maggie's first word was Daddy. Although neither Marge nor any other family members heard her, you ought to. Just saying.

    3. Chris Daughen

      One thing I ask myself when watching this movie is that the EPA guy has his suit torn after Homer jumps the Gorge. Why does he look like he got into a fight?

    4. NothingNess X5

      This movie was kinda dark now that I think about it

    5. Jeremy Kevilus

      How did they get a Alaska they would neither need a passport or a fairy take them across the ocean and they only had 10 dollars which they spent on the ticket and the beef jerky.

    6. RallyeGuy340

      Cinema Sins is getting pretty comfortable with political correctness that it’s becoming noticeably annoying.

    7. Thawk Gaming

      " I know you want to give homer a pig... But why shoot the commercial in the restraunt" read the sin againg. there s your answer

    8. Thawk Gaming

      "why is Mr burns in church" ok that one got me

    9. moeru senso

      To be fair the epa probably did put the cameras when they grabbed the thousand eyed squirrel

    10. Stephen Douglas

      Anyone think it's strange that he calls out racist jokes, or homophobic jokes but doesn't call out the fact that the animators literally animated a minors genitals?

    11. Colin Samalus

      My name is Colin and I love the Simpsons

    12. CrackHead Energy

      when did you become all woke

    13. Alakazamlover4

      holy shit i didn't even realize something this was uploaded on my birthday! (nov. 17th) I guess i didnt notice it...neat!

    14. Transfromers guy Gaming

      Why did he sin green day?

    15. Theflamingo

      2:49 but if you think about it he probably heard about the pollution so he flew there to tell people about it

    16. Mr Omega

      Okay can someone explain to me why they didn't just dig a hole under the dome to escape?

    17. dcoog anml

      Flander’s hot chocolate is the most tasty thing ever shown in a movie

    18. Phoenix 24

      Wow, I love this film but this is one the best sins videos. This almost feels like an intentionally unPC film. It's like a Family Guy movie, which I find odd because of the amount of pro-PC jokes they made in the past

    19. Lori Mandle

      I was waiting to see what he’d say and I wasn’t expecting ‘Booble Maps’ my only two issues with it are that we don’t get to see the runner up comments or how many takes that took to record without laughing

    20. Gardetrace

      Maggie's first word is "daddy." This movie is way late on her first word.

      1. David M

        And Elizabeth Taylor got to say it

      2. dcoog anml

        If only Arnold Shwartzenagger could become president

    21. Seean boyo not gone

      Everything Spoilers!! Wrong Duh.. With

    22. alexanderwsm

      You're wrong about Maggie's first word kgup.info/get/im6KoXiaqqSke2Y/video

    23. Dylan Walker

      you know what I’ve always wondered, why is it that in cartoons it’s ok to show fully naked mens body but they never show fully naked females body, even more so on a cartoon because well.. it’s a fucking cartoon

    24. Juan Duran Costa

      In spanish they censored the "if you can find a greasier sandvich,you're in mexico!",they changed it by "If you can find a greasier hamburger,I'll give you a prize!"

    25. A Redheads Ramblings

      Maggie's first word was Daddy/Dada I forget which one exactly :D

    26. danniboi8

      2007 hm

    27. Corona Kuro

      Well, this channel is 95% homofobibic and ignorant about LGBTQ+ issues...

    28. Michael Gould

      No sin for the bomb disarming robot committing suicide?

    29. Fokii

      Like 80% of these "sins" are you just not getting the joke

      1. David M

        He gets them, he's making his own jokes.

    30. Mysterious Sunshine

      6:52 That is SUPER dangerous

    31. David Roy

      The ads are pretty annoying

    32. Gamer Dude

      Everyone who is watching this, cinnmia sins has lied to you. He minipulates sences to get more likes and views and is kinda a dick. Go watch Th3Birdman's cinnimasins video and learn the truth. Please for the love of god swallow the red pill.

    33. BBB H

      Awww jeez... I gotta admit that I only watched this because I dig the Simpsons, and I dig snarky commentary. BUT, as much as I dig this channel (and cinemawins, too!).. I... just... can't.... ...It's like watching a movie with my little brother, who (for example) points out that, after going off of a cliff on rocket-powered rollerskates, that dynamite+fall would OBVIOUSLY have killed Wile E. Coyote!!! (Like while Cinemasins sins the number of stripes on the flags- and the people holding them have three fingers!!! Of course, it's a cartoon and a MOOOO-VEE ...I know that's part of the fun of this channel, but, sometimes, really... C'mon! (Am I being a cinemanit, OR, am I using double-reverse-secret-irony? Or both?!)

    34. Wesley Van Anden

      "Everything We Can Whine About, About the Simpsons Movie"

    35. Jason Jungreis

      If only Arnold Shwartzenagger could become president

    36. Thompson Doble


    37. zach leggett

      My dad hit himself in the eye with the claw of a hammer and now he is blind in that eye

    38. Mr. Ghost

      Cinema Sins is super funny

    39. Mr. Ghost

      Love Cinema Sins

    40. Lisasimpsonfan

      Maggie's first word was "Dada" voiced by Elizabeth Taylor. So a Cinema Sin on the movie and on the narrator.

    41. Tomas Bedoya

      They sinned Green Day instead of removing a sin, inconceivable

    42. Jamie Joy

      Ooo ooo B. B.!

    43. Selin's Cookie Jar

      I read It as "Everything wrong with the *SIMPS* "

    44. Al B

      CinemaSins should count every sin as their own sins because they lost their sense of humor.

      1. Malik's World


    45. Renegade2786

      Lets play Catchphrase 13:39 say what you see.

    46. themrmystery47


    47. han solo

      Yeah I do, damn your dings lol everytime

    48. Hartley Ferrin

      Hey wendy's *There was never a chicken wars until you started it*

    49. fournierman

      During this pandemic, each house needs a dome for a month.

    50. Keyboardian Persona

      Its blank

    51. eioshen boboi

      Summation of this video: Comedy movie has a joke. That's a sin!

    52. Kenneth Nwaogu

      Someone tell me how this movie showed Bart's penis, and didn't face any backlash or get sued? I realize the show first aired in 1989, and times were different. But this is f*cking 2007! That would easily make the film rated R.

    53. Chris P

      3:26 that’s a win

      1. eioshen boboi

        Soooo many sins he made himself, cant wait to see th3birdmans video

    54. Joseph Womer

      So The Simpsons have been on for 18 years before this movie's release and there's a theatrical movie about them in 2007, Futurama's been on for nearly that long and didn't get one?

    55. Christopher Rios

      this video is 16:33 minuites long

    56. Lori B.

      Literally money buys any damn thing proof? Look at Matt Groening and his ex wife and current wife! Jesus!

    57. Jay Louden

      The polygamy joke I thought was a reference to the Tim Burton movie Big Fish when the protagonist meets these twin Asian women from a variety show

    58. Derek Harper

      I'll pay someone all the money in my bank account to make a hook up app named booble maps thats just snap chat maps style with people dtf

    59. Jessica Emery

      *Spider Pig, Spider Pig, does whatever a Spider Pig does*

    60. Ironhide 60

      The Simpsons is meant to be controversial and have “edgy” jokes, that’s what made it a good movie for me LMAO. You can’t get away with movies like that now which is honestly quite sad.

      1. Thawk Gaming

        "What happened(America) you used to be cool"

    61. Michael Byrne

      Technically Maggie's first word is dada (or daddy, I can't quite remember) but noone hears it

    62. Tornado Taylor

      They made magies first word sequel. That is false she has talked in an episode before when everyone was arguing in therapy. And i think she said, "Magie no talk again."

    63. White Alliance

      3:22 me too

    64. aguyfromatown

      3:25 I feel like you shouldn't watch a Simpsons movie if you can't laugh about gay jokes & the likes. If that kind of harmless humour offends you, it's your problem, not the movie's.

    65. Bullet Adams

      BOOBLE MAPS *WHEEZEE* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    66. James Priest

      Maybe there just jokes kinda like say about ur shows.

    67. DIO 5393

      This is my favourite way to watch movies

    68. TheModer8ter

      Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven. As Jesus says in John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

    69. bram duit

      Soooo many sins he made himself, cant wait to see th3birdmans video

    70. Mad Elf x

      "Is this a polygamy joke or a conjoined twins joke?" No mention of the 'domestic violence against men' joke, because *it's completely invisible*. Not sure if extremely clever social commentary, or Cinema Sins being part of the problem.

    71. Bobby Games


    72. Elliot W

      That quick jab at haters of this channel was wonderful and long needed. Thank you.

    73. Ketchup Erection

      14 seconds of intros ~ ding

    74. Mikhaw Loggins

      turn down the volume of your dings. please. also; love the channel, never stop please

    75. Soren Olsen

      I think the greasy sandwich joke was about how it was illegal in the us to contain any more grease, not a "greaser" joke. I might be wrong tho.

    76. Kazuhira Miller

      Jeremy. You're one to try and talk about LGBTQ "issues". You're the one who "objectifies" women.

      1. butti fdft

        Did he seriously sin green day?

    77. HNTR L

      "That's boobist" 😂😂😂

      1. butti fdft

        Flander’s hot chocolate is the most tasty thing ever shown in a movie

    78. HNTR L

      Biggest sin: the Simpsons is still going... ... by DISNEY

      1. Simon Wyzik

        Is your photo thanos zoidburg?

    79. moose9c1

      I haven't watched the whole thing yet - but when homer fills the truck with gasoline, you hear him start it up after, it clearly sounds like a compression ignition diesel engine. I sure hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

    80. TaeWRLD 2k

      I want another Simpsons movie

    81. Guy Smith

      10:04- Siamese twins. Definitely both, definitely gross and outdated. They’re Thai twins.

    82. Logan Campbell

      A sin was missed. When Homer says "Hey, at least my map didn't get torn" after crashing down the hill, the car starts floating when it shows the real picture of Alaska.

    83. Krato

      CinemaSins needs to seriously grow a pair

    84. Krato

      The simpsons movie wouldn’t have half the gags it has if made today because people are too sensitive

    85. cromusic ibra

      Posting this before watching the vid: These were some sins I noted in the gas station scene alone. Wonder if he'll mention them? > How did that Wanted poster get there in the first place? How could the Wanted posters get anywhere outside Springfield when it's been entirely blocked off? *ding* > Who the hell keeps a whole hot dog, with the bun and condiments, in their pocket? *ding* > And shouldn't the condiments be all smeared if it was in his pocket? *ding* > Has this clerk not looked at the poster even once today? Shouldn't he be keeping an eye out for the Wanted family? *ding* > Convenient fake-family somehow looking exactly like how Bart drew them showing up at this exact moment is convenient *ding* Edit: He didn't. But he DID point out the flaws in my final point. The cops would know how the real family looks.

    86. deadeyesonly

      Another mistake in the beginning is that marge and maggie moves a seat in the theater. They sat between homer and lisa but seconds later an empty seat apperes between marge and lisa

    87. Anto Caricati

      13:42 they gassed them because they didn’t want them to see how they got in

    88. _Suburban_

      I had forgotten how mediocre this movie is.

    89. Heroheenie

      'Sequel' actually wasn't her first word. Her first word was in one of the old episodes. 'Sequel' was her second word.

    90. Eljamin Latour

      This movie is so underrated, I laugh at its jokes, even Dad agrees.

    91. cnmmd qiuoo

      Flander’s hot chocolate is the most tasty thing ever shown in a movie

    92. Climbminer

      Did he seriously sin green day?

    93. Littlenightmaresfan 6

      Bart maybe opened the door

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        This guy is the reason democrats lose elections

    94. Mitch McMahon

      Maggie's first word was "daddy". Granted no one was around to hear it.

    95. Littlenightmaresfan 6

      This is 16 minutes

    96. christopher ellis

      maggie simpson has talk way before this movie.

    97. Lil Ty

      Everything happens with the most pristine comedic timing

    98. Marsh Cakes

      Please I’m begging you do everything wrong with unaccompanied minors. I would die if you did it and I would be die happily too. 😭😭😭😭😆😆😆😆🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩

    99. Dustin Wind

      This channel used to make good points about films. Now over 60%+ are stupid crap.

    100. Jason Paul

      I meeeeeaaaaaannnn technically....her first word was "daddy" back when the simpsons, ya know, knew how to write funny and emotional stories where you earned emotional payoffs....but I will give it to you that technically sequel was the first word the family heard